Brief Report on the North Texas Tea Party Rally

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Ed addresses a voter's concern about splitting the vote.

Yesterday, I attended the North Texas Tea Party Rally in McKinney, TX.

A small (about 300), but enthusiastic crowd braved the 92 degree heat to listen to some rally-the-troops speeches.

For me the highlight was meeting some folks and educating them on my campaign including K-SKY’s Jon-David Wells. My key message – there is no Democrat in the race! While many of the attendee where sympathetic to the Libertarian cause, most worried about the notion of a Libertarian splitting the Republic vote and a Democrat getting elected instead.

When I explained that was not the case in my race against Senator Florence Shapiro, there was much more enthusiasm.  (I’ll have more on this idea later this week.)

By far the highlight for the Libertarians was when our gubernatorial candidate, Kathie Glass, addressed the crowd. Again, the message played well, but there is fear about Bill White slipping in.

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